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Jubilee Clips - Mild Steel

Mild Steel Jubilee Clip

Product Specification

Hose Clip

Mild Steel Band



Precision engineered for quality, Jubilee clips are Kitemark approved to BS 5315:1991 and manufactured under the BS EN ISO 9002 quality system accepted by the British Standards Institution. The mild steel range is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Technical Data Sheet

Part NumberProduct DescriptionStockPrice
JUB9-129mm 12mm Jubilee Clip

126 in stock

JUB11-1611mm 16mm Jubilee Clip

132 in stock

JUB13-2013mm 20mm Jubilee Clip

90 in stock

JUB14-2214mm 22mm Jubilee Clip

44 in stock

JUB17-2517mm 25mm Jubilee Clip

58 in stock

JUB22-3022mm 30mm Jubilee Clip

40 in stock

JUB25-3525mm 35mm Jubilee Clip

36 in stock

JUB30-4030mm 40mm Jubilee Clip

23 in stock

JUB35-4535mm 45mm Jubilee Clip

4 in stock

JUB35-5035mm 50mm Jubilee Clip

24 in stock

JUB40-5540mm 55mm Jubilee Clip

Available on back-order

JUB45-6045mm 60mm Jubilee Clip

30 in stock

JUB70-9070mm 90mm Jubilee Clip

20 in stock

JUB90-12090mm 120mm Jubilee Clip

9 in stock