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John Guest Ringmain - Water Trap Tee Converter

Water Trap Tee Converter

Product Specification

Fast-track Ring Main System, 28mm Internal Component, Water Trap Tee Converter,

The Fast-Track Water Trap Tee solves the on-going problem of moisture in a Ring Main system and provides the easy alternative to the need to install “Swan Necks”. The ingenious inside arrangement of the fitting allows air to flow, with minimum head loss, from the main to take-off point without allowing water to follow. The moisture is retained in the line to be drawn off at some suitable location. Water Trap Tee Installation: It is of vital importance for the correct function of the Water Trap Tee that the air ring main within which the tee is installed is near horizontal and that the outlet port faces vertically downwards. Markings to indicate correct orientation have been molded onto the body to assist installation.

Brand John Guest
Maximum Working Pressure 7 Bar
Working Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Part NumberProduct DescriptionStockPrice
WTC2828mm Water Trap Tee Converter

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