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Pneumatic Cylinders


We offer a wide range of actuators to suit every application:

  • Micro-cylinders; 0.2mm & 6mm diameter
  • Compact cylinders; 8mm & 100mm diameter
  • ISO cylinders; 32mm & 250mm diameter
  • Rod-less cylinders; 6mm & 80mm
Pneumatic Valves


We have the solution for precision control of cylinders and fluids:

  • Electrical solenoid valves; 3/2, 5/2, 5/3
  • Mechanical and manually operated valves
  • Bus-connected valves
Pneumatic Air Preparation

Air Preparation

Good air equipment deserves good air line preparation. We can supply:

  • Filters – Filters remove WATER, OIL, DUST and DIRT from your air supply. We supply a range from G1/8 to G2, 0.01 to 50 micron, with manual and automatic drains.
  • Lubricators – These dispense metered amounts of lubricating oil to your equipment. The range is from G1/8 to G2; from 0.2 to 3000 l/min.
  • Regulators – Regulators adjust air pressure to suit your needs. From G1/8 to G2; from 0 to 16 bar.
  • Shut-off valves
  • Soft-start units
  • Breathing air sets
Pneumatics Gauges


We offer a wide range of gauges to suit every application:

  • 40mm gauges
  • 50mm gauges
  • Cylercine filled 63-100mm
  • Vacuum gauges

Tubing & Fittings

Airware Pneumatcis offer a complete range of fittings & tubing to cover your needs and offer consignment stocks for your convience:

  • Pushin
  • Plastic
  • Brass

Contact our highly skilled team for more info on our pneumatics products and services...