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Energy Saving

Airware Pneumatics Ltd can help you save energy and money through our comprehensive Compressed Air Energy Audit.

We also supply leak detection equipment.

Compressed Air Energy Audit

The Airchitect analysis is a service which allows a simulation of possible energy savings of a compressed air installation.

This simulation is based on a limited number of data, parameters provided or requested by the customer, time limited measurements made on the customer current compressor installation.

The analysis extrapolated from this simulation is a preliminary estimation subject to adjustment on the basis of actual performance parameters and measurements over a larger period of time.

Measurement Insight

As input for the compressor simulation, we measure a number of parameters in your compressor installation.

These measurements are derived from the tools used, which produces the load cycle profile for each compressor in the system. The goal of the simulation is to create a representation of the air and energy being used during that production week.

This one week of data will then be used to extrapolate an annual use of compressed air, energy used and it’s cost. (Ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc. are not used in these general calculations).

Using these parameters, we create a typical flow profile in combination with the installed compressor performance. From this flow profile, we make an extrapolation for the yearly values, assuming 50 working weeks per year.

Why use a smaller pressureband?

The working (network) pressure needs to be set carefully. A lot of energy can be saved by selecting the right setpoint in relation to the installed machines. A general rule of thumb is every bar above the needed pressure will potential use 7% more energy

Why reduce unload time and number of load/no load?

In general, a Load/No-Load compressor will operate in three different status modes:

  • Stopped (The air compressor motor is stopped and no energy is being used)
  • No- Load (The air compressor motor is running, but the air inlet control is closed. The unit is not producing air – “it is idling” – and wasting energy.
  • Loaded (The air compressor air inlet is open, the unit is producing air at full capacity and using energy productively.

Our goal is to select the correct working pressure and reduce the non- productive energy consumption within your facility.

Compressed Air Energy Audit Page
Compressed Air Energy Audit Page
Compressed Air Energy Audit Page
PVL® Soundsonic Ultrasound Leak Detector

Leak Detection

PVL® Soundsonic Ultrasound Leak Detector

The Soundsonic Leak detection kit is ideal for finding compressed air and refrigerant leaks, the kit comes complete with a FREE ultrasonic sound Transmitter for checking enclosure seals etc

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